Internship@Credible Legal Solutions

We specialize in litigation matters across all District Courts, High Court and Supreme Court apart from various tribunals like NCLT, NCALT, NGT, DRT across all fields like Civil, Matrimonial, Criminal, Taxation, M&A, IPR etc. We represent our clients in various forums like Arbitrations, Mediations and M&A negotiations. With our experience, knowledge, foresight, and acumen, we have created numerous success stories. We provide opportunities to students from law colleges/schools from all over the country to undertake an internship.

Credible Legal Solutions runs an internship program for aspiring law students with an excellent academic record. This program has been formulated with an objective of giving a meaningful experience and mentorship across a range of practice areas to the budding talent in the field of Law.

Internship include

  1. Drafting agreements, MOUs, deeds etc.
  2. Reviewing/vetting of agreements
  3. Making case summary and legal notices
  4. Replying and documenting legal queries
  5. Elucidating current Legal position on various provision of law
  6. Conduct legal research on real cases.
  7. Work on brainstorming and pitching ideas for legal research
  8. Proof-reading peer documents
  9. Understanding Case file constituents and sequence
  10. Reading old and ongoing case files
  11. Condense case files into readable short notes
  12. Articulate and enumerate proceedings in court
  13. Taking Client Briefing
  14. IRAC the case based on briefing
  15. Legal writing and presentation of legal research
  16. Helping in the day to day work of our firm.
  17. Preparation of synopsis for Court cases
  18. Judgment Analysis and Critique
  19. Understanding Court procedures in District court, High Court and Supreme Court
  20. Decorum in various case proceedings/courts.
  21. Taking adjournments and pass-overs in Court proceedings


By the end of the Internship you would be able to do:

Filing Certified and Inspection

Checking Ecourts and finding case status

Drafting of Notices

Drafting of  Bail/Anticipatory Bail

Drafting of  Police Complaint/FIR

Drafting of RTI

Preparation of Affidavits

Drafting Petition

Drafting Written Statement

Drafting Rejoinder/Replication


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